Patient Vital Signs Monitor

Our versatile patient vital signs monitor provides accurate, automated tracking of key vitals. This clinical-grade device measures blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiration, and temperature for a comprehensive overview of patient health status. Get comprehensive vital signs monitoring – contact us today!

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The Patient Vital Signs Monitor delivers professional-quality vital signs tracking in a compact bedside unit. Designed for use in hospitals, medical clinics, and other care facilities, this advanced device measures and displays key patient health parameters.

This all-in-one monitor features an automated blood pressure cuff that provides systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings along with pulse. The built-in pulse oximeter accurately measures SpO2 oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Respiration rate is monitored using impedance pneumography sensors. And temperature is quickly measured with a high-accuracy thermometer probe.

The large color LCD conveniently displays all vital signs readings simultaneously for easy patient health status monitoring. Wireless connectivity allows for seamless data transmission and analysis. The rechargeable battery provides portability between patient rooms or during transport.

From blood pressure to oxygenation, get comprehensive vital signs tracking with our advanced patient monitor. Contact us to learn more or request a quote.




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